ROTADEFERO is a noise/industrial improvisation collective that uses power tools, barrels, metal percussions, drums and old analogic apparel along with sinthesizers and piano to create a powerful ambient experience.

ROTADEFERO was founded by former members of CONCRETE, one of the most important Italian metal hardcore bands of the 90's. 

Tommaso Garavini and Cristiano D'Innocenti, 22 years later, have become ROTADEFERO as a direct consequence of their experience in music experimentation and performance accrued during these years. After improvising live with many different musicians Giacomo Del Colle Lauri Volpi joined the project permanently adding new atmospheres using sinthesizers and piano vibes to complete the performance.

ROTADEFERO uses self-made latex masks and rough costumes, making live sets more similar to dark theatre performances than to music acts.

Each show is different as ROTADEFERO, inspired by the environment where the performance takes place, uses the energy unleashed by the locus as the engine of it's creativity. ROTADEFERO rather performs in evocative places than on a stage or a concert hall. ROTADEFERO often hosts other musicians that add their momentary inspiration to the already dense sound.

ROTADEFERO released it's first 7", DISCODEFERO, produced by Zen-Hex.

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Wet collodion photography by Pigments Photography Collective